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Your Child at 18 Months

How your child socializes, plays, learns, and communicates provide important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks and behaviors.
Use this Developmental Checklist to track your child’s progress.
Contact Honu Intervention with any questions or concerns about your developing child. You can also download this checklist here.


Walks independently

Walks up steps using environmental supports

Helps dress self

Carries large toys while walking

Begins to run stiffly

Drinks from an open cup

Uses a utensil to feed self for part of a meal



Finds objects hidden under one of two covers

Understands some objects by their use (ex. Understands that a spoon is used to eat)

Scribbles spontaneous markings


May be anxious or shy around strangers

Shows affection towards familiar people

Points to something interesting

Engages in pretend play such as feeding a stuffed animal

May have tantrums

Begins to show defiance

Increases independence


Helps dress self

Reaches for/points to choices

Follows routines and expectations

Drinks from an open cup

Begins to use a spoon


Says at least 10 single words

Says and shakes head “no”

Points to pictures or objects when named

Follows routine one-step directions without gestures

Repeats words heard in conversation

  • Can’t walk

  • Doesn’t imitate

  • Doesn’t learn new words

  • Doesn’t have at least 10 words

  • Has loss of skills (ex. Stopped pointing, stopped saying “mama”)

  • Doesn’t point

  • Doesn’t follow directions

Concerned about "red-flag" behaviors? Take this Developmental Red-Flags Questionnaire and receive professional feedback.



Bypass the pediatrician's referral and self-refer your child for a developmental assessment by contacting your Regional Center
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