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Your Child at 9 Months

How your child socializes, plays, learns, and communicates provide important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks and behaviors.
Use this Developmental Checklist to track your child’s progress.
Contact Honu Intervention with any questions or concerns about your developing child. You can also download this checklist here.


Crawls forward on belly

Moves to a sitting position without help

Creeps on hands and knees

Moves from a sitting to crawling or lying on stomach

Pulls to stand

Stands while holding onto a solid object



Makes a lot of sounds with inflection

Understands “no”

Imitates sounds and gestures of others

Responds to simple requests

Uses exclamations such as “uh-oh”

Uses gestures (pointing, hand leading, reaching)


May be shy or anxious with strangers

Shows discomfort with caregivers leave

Has preference for toys

  • Doesn’t crawl

  • Cannot stand without support

  • Has no single words (mama or dada)

  • Doesn’t use gestures (reaching, shaking head, pointing)

  • Is not interested in peek-a-boo

  • Does not babble


Tracks a falling toy

Engages in social games (peek-a-boo)

Uncovers hidden toys

Imitates gestures

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