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Your Child at 24 Months

How your child socializes, plays, learns, and communicates provide important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks and behaviors.
Use this Developmental Checklist to track your child’s progress.
Contact Honu Intervention with any questions or concerns about your developing child. You can also download this checklist here.


Walks into a ball

Climbs up and down furniture without assistance

Walks up and down stairs using the wall or railing for support

Kicks a ball

Begins to run

Turns over containers to pour out contents

Builds a tower of five blocks



Begins to wash hands with help

Drinks from a straw

Feeds self with a utensil

Begins to show bladder and bowel control

Tries to complete tasks on their own (e.g., dressing, undressing, brushing teeth, etc.)



Points to pictures or objects when named

Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts

Uses 2 to 4 word sentences

Names items in a book

Follows two-step related instructions



Copies others

Notices and gets excited when other children are present

Exercises defiance

Plays next to other children, but is beginning to include peers in chase games



Begins to match colors and shapes

Begins to engage in make-believe play

Finishes sentences or rhymes in books or songs

Finds objects hidden under two or three covers

  • Doesn’t use two-word phrases (ex. Eat cookie)

  • Doesn’t imitate actions or words

  • Doesn’t follow simple directions

  • Loses skills once had

  • Doesn’t walk steadily

  • Doesn’t make eye contact

  • Doesn’t respond to name

Concerned about "red-flag" behaviors? Take this Developmental Red-Flags Questionnaire and receive professional feedback.



Bypass the pediatrician's referral and self-refer your child for a developmental assessment by contacting your Regional Center
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