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About Us


Our mission is to advance the success of children with special needs by providing a system of developmental and behavioral services in the most natural environment.

Nearly one million (1 in 10) children in California have special health care needs. Their ongoing health variations—developmental, behavioral, or physical—can influence their ability to thrive in important educational and social activities¹.

Founded by Desiree Q. Luong, Honu Intervention provides children and their families with professional family-centered intervention and effective care coordination between interdisciplinary team members. We offer Early Start, insurance, and out-of-pocket/private services for early intervention, behavioral support, ABA, as well as speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

Our future lies in the hands of our children; let us ensure that they have access to appropriate interventions that can help them reach their full potential.

Origin of the Name and Logo

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, "Honu," symbolizes good luck. Honus are known as "Aumakuas" (guardian spirits), acting as healers and advisors, counteracting troubles. It is said that Honus are excellent navigators and often find their way home. At Honu Intervention, we aim for children to achieve the best of their abilities with their journey here.

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