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Your Child at 3 Months

How your child socializes, plays, learns, and communicates provide important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks and behaviors.
Use this Developmental Checklist to track your child’s progress.
Contact Honu Intervention with any questions or concerns about your developing child. You can also download this checklist here.


Lifts head when lying on stomach

Pushes up with arms when lying on stomach

Puts weight on legs when placed on a firm surface


Hearing and Communication

Responds (pauses, turns head, shifts eye gaze) to sounds

Smiles at voice

Coos and engages in vocal play


Visual/Cognitive (attending, problem-solving, learning)

Tracks moving objects

Watches caregiver’s face

Recognizes familiar people and objects at a distance



Begins to smile at people

Imitates some facial gestures

Begins to calm self

  • Doesn’t startle at loud sounds

  • Doesn’t watch moving things

  • Doesn’t smile in response to others

  • Doesn’t support head well

  • Doesn’t reach for toys

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