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Your Child at 6 Months

How your child socializes, plays, learns, and communicates provide important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks and behaviors.
Use this Developmental Checklist to track your child’s progress.
Contact Honu Intervention with any questions or concerns about your developing child. You can also download this checklist here.


Rolls over in both directions (on tummy and back)

Pushes up on extended arms

Sits without support

Grabs at feet

Passes an object from one hand to the other

Uses a raking grasp to pick up small objects

Supports weight on legs when in a standing position



Responds by making sounds

Responds to tones of voice

Repeats syllables (ah-ah, eh-eh)

Begins to use /m/ and /b/ sounds

Responds to own name



Uncovers partially hidden toys

Explores with hands and mouth

Tries to get things that are out of reach







  • Doesn’t reach for things

  • Has difficulty rolling over

  • Seems very stiff or seems very floppy

  • Has difficulty bringing things to mouth

  • Doesn’t laugh or smile at familiar adults

  • Doesn’t track objects with both eyes

  • Shows no affection for caregiver


Looks at self in a mirror

Plays with familiar people

Recognizes differences in familiar and unfamiliar people

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