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What to expect in a six-to-eight-week old baby

How are you reacting to change at this stage in your baby’s life? Is it an exciting change or problematic? At this age, you will notice that your child is more sociable and capable of being more alert to the external world. You will find yourself interacting more with your baby as she reciprocates the smiles and you will notice that your self-confidence as a parent is emerging!

By six-to-eight weeks, sleep and feeding routines are more predictable; those trials and errors are finally paying off as you are more able to discriminate your baby’s cries now than at three weeks. Having a more structured schedule with the baby will ease you back into the external world. You are feeling more adjusted to having a child depend on you and may feel like reestablishing relationships. Assert your own schedule and find your balance between caregiving and interacting with the outer world!

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