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These Apps Can Help New Parents Take Care of Their Baby

These Apps Can Help New Parents Take Care of Their Baby

When it comes to raising a child, technology can be your best friend. From tracking important milestones to keeping organized, apps can help new parents keep everything under control. Let’s look at how a few choice apps can make all the difference in the world.

Support Parents of Special Needs Children

If you have a child with special needs, there are challenges you may face when raising them. According to the Parent Map, parents of special needs children must learn to carefully balance being a caregiver with being a parent. While you’ll be managing your child’s therapeutic and pharmaceutical needs, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy parenthood as well. Even if their milestones are delayed, you can still use apps like Glow Baby to keep track of what your baby achieves. Whatever and whenever they are, milestones still deserve to be celebrated. These apps show you what your baby should be doing at a certain age, so they can be helpful if you suspect your baby has a developmental delay. A support system is essential for parents with special needs children as well, so consider reaching out to a service like Honu Intervention for care coordination, behavioral support, and/or therapy. Additionally, an app like My Baby Today allows you to connect with other parents.

Help With a Sleep Schedule

Until your baby develops a decent sleep schedule, it’s likely that you won’t be getting much sleep either. To get your baby settled into a sleep pattern within their first six months, Motherly suggests getting to know what helps your baby fall asleep. Whether it’s a particular sound or a certain environment, you can use these to your advantage when you’re helping your baby sleep well. It’s also suggested that you keep them away from overstimulating activities like going for a walk. If you download an app like Sleep Baby Sleep, you can get access to a few white noise sounds like womb sounds, a heartbeat and a fan that can be a part of your baby’s sleep routine. You can time your baby’s naps as well, so you’ll be able to control how long they sleep during the day.

Build Baby’s Brain

It might be awhile before your child can read on their own but that doesn’t mean you can’t start boosting their brain’s development from an early age. According to the Conversation, reading a book to your child can aid cognitive development and encourage an increased vocabulary in your little one. For that to work, though, be sure to choose high-quality books and read to your baby regularly. If you can’t always read to your child, then maybe audiobooks are exactly what you’re looking for. Apps like The Wonder Weeks not only give parents a personalized dairy, they also have an audiobook feature. You may even find a use for the app’s baby monitor.

Keep Things Organized

Taking care of a young child usually means you’ll need to make drastic changes to your pre-baby schedule. This can mean adding things to your existing plans and planning around your baby’s daily needs. Instead of scribbling down everything you need on pieces of paper and struggling to keep family informed of any changes, why not use an app? Apps like the Cozi Family Organizer can keep everyone on the same schedule as well as synchronize your ever-changing to-do list. If you’ve made an impromptu grocery list, you can use the app to email it to the person who’s doing the shopping. Since meal planning can be a challenge with a little one, you may find it handy to use the app to not only plan your meal schedules but also store a few of the recipes you love.

Having put so much thought into the right apps to help you care for your new baby, make sure you do the same with your phone and data plan. You’ll want to have a phone that works well with these apps and the kind of data plan that protects you from overage charges. In this case, looking to your provider’s prepaid mobile plans could be your answer to getting the data coverage you need.

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