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What to Expect in Newborns to Three-Week-Old Babies

As a new parent, are you experiencing an overwhelming rush of polar emotions as you welcome the birth of your baby? Take a deep breath in and exhale; coexistent emotions can be elicited by a newborn, but rest assured, everything will be OK.

Be prepared that having responsibility of another life will be overwhelming, but you will learn to adapt through trial and error. You will learn your baby’s language with time through behaviors, cries, coos, and feeding/sleep cycles.

This is a time of celebration, enlightenment, attachment, and a lot of (positive and overwhelming) change! Your baby will eat, cry, poop, and sleep majority of the time for the first few months, but expect changes in schedules. You and your spouse will experience dramatic changes as routines are disrupted, relationships altered, and expectations are raised. Caring for a newborn will be the central theme of your life and it may feel overwhelming.

You may feel exhausted by the third-week and if you are a first time parent, you may question your capacity to parent; these are all normal feelings attached with caregiving demands of the baby. With majority of the attention focused on the newborn, remember to take some time to support yourself and your partner’s needs.

Somewhere between a whirlwind of change and modified relationships, you will recognize your baby’s behavioral organization and temperament. Your newborn will react differently to efforts at caregiving, making it easier to identify your child’s needs.

Accept support of friends and family; they will make the ride more enjoyable and easier!

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