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What to Expect in a Four-Month-Old Baby

Have you noticed some cognitive bursts in your little four-month-old baby? You might have thought that feeding and sleep schedules would have remained consistent for more than three months, but at this stage, it may appear that your baby would rather explore the outside world than eat! She is curious about the things around her and how to manipulate objects as she transfers a toy from one hand to the other and explores things with her mouth and eyes.

You may find that your child’s schedule is disrupted by her eagerness to explore the world; she is more aware of what she wants and is demanding attention! Your baby is learning to tell the difference between people; she may exhibit stranger anxiety and cry when a stranger holds her, but can be quickly soothed by the sound of your voice.

Remember the confidence you gained as a parent at eight weeks when your child was more predictable? Do not question your confidence now! Understand that there will always be stages where something will disorganize your life, but as long as it reorganizes, everything will be OK.

Your baby will demand more attention, especially from those whom she is closest to. Fathers may experience more opportunities for engagement, however, Mothers may feel a loss of closeness when exploratory and or refusal behaviors occur during breast feeding. For Mothers, exploratory behavior in this stage will ease you into major themes with feeding and separation in the near future…

Check out this developmental milestone checklist below or click here to save a copy.

Your child at 3 months

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