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What to Expect in a Seven-Month-Old Baby

Which parent does your child look more like? Does his personality and temperament coincide with whom he has taken physical appearance to? It is hard not to compare your child with others, right?

At seven-months, your baby is hitting many new developmental milestones! His increased motor skills are coordinated with improved social and cognitive awareness. He has increased awareness of his hands and as his pincer grasp emerges, he is able to explore objects with intent. His motor and cognitive abilities may distract him from feeding as he is more perceptive of the things that are happening around him.

He will start to explore physical characteristics of objects and manipulate toys as he is developing object permanence. His exploration will continue through bedtime, so you may find that you are revisiting challenges you thought you had left behind! With new caregiving routines, new challenges will emerge.

With your child’s increased mobility, anticipate a lot of baby-proofing around the house!

Check out this developmental milestone checklist below or click here to save a copy.

Your child at 6 months

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