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What to Expect in a Twelve-Month-Old Baby

Congratulations on surviving the first year of your baby’s life! Sleeping and feeding your little girl had its ups and downs, but the fun does not stop yet! As there are more massive bursts in development, you will experience more disorganization with the recurring factors: feeding and sleeping.

Your child has learned who her Mommy and Daddy are and attachments have formed. She will show preference for one person or activity over another and exercise her independence. She crawls away during feeding to explore more of her environment and props herself up with the help of furniture; her balance is getting better and you are probably eagerly anticipating her first steps if she has not taken them yet.

Along with your baby’s increased motor skills, your baby’s irritability is emerging with the cognitive advancement of person permanence and the ability to read the reactions of adults. She may be more demanding with applying her new skill sets that will likely be exercised through bedtime; sleep will be disrupted even more when your little girl starts teething.

When her molars start emerging she will become more irritable and “picky” with her foods. Feeding might be frustrating, but experiment a little and see what she likes. Encourage a little independence, but make sure your baby meets the basic nutritional requirements: one pint of milk, one ounce of a fruit juice or fruit, four ounces of protein, and multivitamins.

Between disorganization of feeding and sleeping; and the fine balance between emotional dependence and physical independence, your child is continuing to explore. This is the best time to teach your child through play! Play with your baby, interact with her, and label label label everything!

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